About Us

Precision Herbs has been in operation and manufacturing quality products since the mid-1990s. We create alcohol-based tinctures, salves and vegetable-based encapsulations of our unique herbal formulas in small artisan batches to ensure freshness and optimal potency. For additional purity, the capsules we use are also Non-GMO Verified. Our company insists on the use of high-integrity ingredients, whether they be certified organic, cultivated without chemicals or wild-harvested. We currently carry over 500 products. Additionally, our facility can accommodate special-sized orders of our formulas no longer in production.


We also construct electronic devices (with warranty and service) that address individual wellness needs and improve daily living. One such device is the Harmonic Quad 5. The HQ5 is a frequency generator using five frequencies that, when combined, cover a wide range of parasites. There is no need to tune in to specific frequencies. We have found it to be the most effective device of its kind on the market, with ease of use being at the top of its list of benefits.


Precision Herbs offers both retail and wholesale accounts, accommodating individual retail clients, as well as practitioners. If you own a business, be sure to check out our wholesale programs, as well as, marketing materials and additional reference pages.


We endeavor to have a product for your every need. Our selection of herbal products is unique, synergistic, formulations, which have proven more effective in meeting the body's specific needs than single nutrient formulas.


As an added convenience, Precision Herbs ships worldwide, using FedEx as our main in country carrier.