Being Proactive

What would be a proper reaction? There has always been trouble in this world. Lately, we seem to be faced with more than in recent history. Perhaps it is due to our increased access to information, that there appears to be more hardship in this world. Whatever the reason, it is difficult to ignore what seems to be a generous supply of tragedy. Once faced with these events, the wisest choice would be to be proactive instead of reactive.


Many might misinterpret the definition of what is proposed as proactive actions. Therefore, clarity is essential. Some are participating in preparing for any, and perhaps all, disaster(s) that might befall one in their situation. While this is prudent, to some degree, it also can be foolish when taken too far. Preparedness should be a priority. However, I would not recommend it as the top priority.


To make oneself prepared is a proactive action. What I am proposing is action that anyone can take, regardless of one’s resources. It is something that speaks to the core of who we are. All action begins the same. Its’ genesis lies in a thought. Before we are able to take action on any matter, it must first be processed through our central nervous system. Even bodily movement, that we call reflexes, must have the input signal processed in the spinal cord before the reflexive reaction ever occurs. Those are simple decisions – such as quickly draw your hand from the fire – and require no forethought. We are confronted with much more complex problems than a burning hand. Therefore, our thought process, on such, should be equivocally deliberate. Large quantities of the dilemmas in this world are beyond our grasp – much less our control. In addition, there is scarcely a corner of this rock that doesn’t have some type of current or looming catastrophe. Preventing oneself from being swept away with anxiety becomes a challenge. Yet, in an odd way all this gives comfort. When it becomes obvious that so many issues seem out of control, it is then I am reminded that there is One in control.


Training thoughts and focus to be on Him, who is in control, will yield the proper action. With exercise, this habit will produce a peacefulness that can’t be rocked. Those who invest in a relationship with the God Almighty will understand the path to peace. It could be described as an alignment practice. Full comprehension of His supreme will, logically, brings forth an anti-anxiety reaction. Realization of this direction does not subsequently erase all that which is evil. Possibly, the only definite action that occurs is opening one up to be a vessel of grace.


Aligning our will to His, is to understand that all things work to accomplish The Almighty’s ‘end game.’ This is not a popular philosophy, because ‘all things’ means all things. Therefore, it would stand to reason that even those circumstances that appear evil and/or negative are the working of His will. This is hard for some to accept. The requirement isn’t that one likes God’s will, but that one is submitted to God’s will. What we are tasked to remember is that while catastrophe is not His perfect will, it is His necessary will.


Jesus forewarned us of impending doom. He also said that it must be. (Matt. 24:6) The fact that He predicted it and voiced its necessity, whispers that He is in control. The second part of the above reference teaches the appropriate response in such perilous times, “see that you are not frightened.” The choice of these words, implies effort being made, “see that…”


Assuring our comfort is of great importance to the Heavenly Father. In between the covers of the Scriptures it states some type of “fear not” 365 times. With the departure of Jesus, He sent the Holy Comforter. Numerous passages tell of how much He cares for us, of how much greater value we are than meaningless details that He also cares for.


It is true, that today’s media has plenty of material to fuel fear-mongering. Earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear fallout, oil slicks, civil wars, and economic collapse all stoke the fires of doom. Without having hope grounded in logical faith, it would be inevitable to be swept away by fear. Fear is a cruel master to be ruled by. Seeing how we are certain that these types of tragedies will continually occur in this life, let us work to set our hearts and minds in a healthy condition, that we might be empowered to overcome. The healthiest condition the heart and mind could achieve in preparation of cataclysmic events is to understand and accept that all will work to achieve the will of God.


            1. Open Mind

            2. Listening Ears

            3. Heart for God

            4. Working Hands

            5. Ready Feet


Dr. Eric Pierce, N.D.