Health Consultation

Do you need some help knowing what products are best for you? 

Get a consultation!

We have arranged with our sister company for you to get health consultations by long distance! Remote consultations are done with muscle testing. To see an explanation of muscle testing click HERE. To see an explanation of remote consultations click HERE.

Original Design Wellness Center
A Private Healthcare Membership Association
9227 Township Road 82 Millersburg,
Ohio 44654
Phone: (330)276-4234
Fax: (330)276-1401

First Time Remote Consultation Information

If you are interested in having a Remote Consultation, YOU (the person wanting the consultation) will need to fill out the ‘Client Information & Statement’ and ‘Symptoms & Questions’ forms. Please use blue or black ink pens only, as felt tip or gel pens will not work. Your signature is required before we will submit your request to the health consultants. Please read the statement at the bottom of the form before signing. You will also need to complete a membership application for Original Design Wellness Center, A private Healthcare Membership Association. To download a copy of the consultation application click HERE.

If you are requesting to have a consultation for a small child or for someone that cannot fill out the form, indicate that the form was filled out by someone else and that the drawing, markings, picture (you may send a color, glossy photo of the person) or signature is from the person wanting the consultation.

Attach a hand written or typed letter describing your health concerns and issues that you would like the health consultant to test. Please be specific. Letters just saying ‘help me’ do not give enough information for the health consultant.

Please enclose a credit card number or check/money order for $85.00 made payable to Original Design Wellness Center for the consultation fee.

Please mail these forms the first time because a fax copy or e-mail will not work. Once received, one of our health consultants will muscle test you using your handwriting sample and/or photo. Consultations are done in the order that they are received. When your consultation has been completed, one of our friendly receptionists will notify you of the results and recommendations. If you prefer being notified of your results in a particular way (phone, fax or e-mail) please indicate this on your form. You may purchase your recommended herbs here from the clinic or at the online store.

Follow up Consultations

Follow up consultations may be requested by phone, by email or by fax and cost $60.00.  Please give your credit card information with the order. You may purchase your recommended herbs here from the clinic or at the online store.

If you have any questions, please call the clinic at (330)276-4234 Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm eastern time.

Thank you,
Original Design Wellness Center, PHMA