One of our goals at Precision Herbs is to provide products with consistent efficacy. Our proprietary formulation process ensures a potent, effective, synergistic herbal combination that is truly unique. By using certified organic and wild-harvested plants that are free of contaminants, we can guarantee the potency of our products. The end results are only as good as the ingredients used. By using the highest quality, we strive to provide you with the best in herbal tinctures and encapsulations.


Our herbal encapsulations contain cellulase, an enzyme that assists in breaking down cellulose. Cellulose is fibers found in nearly all plants. This increases efficiency in the breakdown of raw materials and aids in absorption and utilization by the body. All liquid tinctures and encapsulations are made in small batches by hand, with attention to detail. By limiting the units of production, we are able to exercise a higher level of quality control. Quality is our top priority.  We love what we do and we feel it is reflected in our products!