The environment around us is becoming more contaminated by the day. At Precision Herbs, we believe that in order to achieve optimal physical health, you must begin with  pure products. We source many ingredients from certified organic suppliers and wild-harvesting operations. Precision Herbs does wild harvest some ingredients found in its products, as well. We purchase only from reputable suppliers, those with a proven history of supplying ingredients of the highest quality. We are careful to avoid all artificial ingredients and genetically modified ingredients.

By checking everything that enters our facility, we are assured it is pure, clean and unadulterated. We have a proprietary process for receiving and stocking raw bulk material and capsules. Our facility houses dedicated clean rooms for mixing and encapsulation to minimize any possible sources or avenues for contaminants. Team members check for contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs; we also assess quality by color and smell. In addition, the capsules used at Precision Herbs are plant-based NonGMO Verified, adding another element of purity. Be assured that every Precision Herbs formula you buy has been carefully monitored throughout production, from beginning to end.